Toukyou Jitensha Shoujo.
Toukyou Jitensha Shoujo.

Toukyou Jitensha Shoujo.

东京自行车少女 東京自転車少女。; Tokyo Cycle Girl. ; Tokyo Cycle Girls.
Genres: Sports, School Life, Seinen, Shoujo Ai Status: Ongoing Released: 2011 Author: Wadapen Type: Manga Serialization: Unknown Updated On:
Iruka, a girl from the country, has come to her new Tokyo life at a high school with a dorm. She's eager to see the beauty of Tokyo and become a real Tokyo girl. Her new roommate and classmate is a real Tokyo girl, but she hates the city. She's irritable and cold, though Iruka mostly sees this as a sophisticated Tokyo attitude. Iruka wants to draw closer to her cool roommate, and meet other girls like her.

One way she can do this is by upgrading her country bicycle to a sleek, Tokyo road bike, but she doesn't really have the money to afford the city prices. Before she knows it, she has accidentally joined a club, the "Bike Angels," who is helping her to transform her own bike. Will Iruka realize her dream of having an awesome road bike and becoming a chic Tokyo girl? Will she be able to break through the ice and befriend her new roommate?
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