Charming and the Beast
Charming and the Beast

Charming and the Beast

미남과 야수, The Beau and the Beast, Charming and the Beast, El Bello y la Bestia, EL HERMOSO Y LA BESTIA, Guapo y Bestia, Handsome and the Beast, 帅哥与野兽, 美男和野兽, 미남과 야수
Genres: Comedy, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo Status: Ongoing Released: Unknown Author: LB, Will Bright Type: Manhwa Serialization: Unknown Updated On:

“나 설마… 야수야?”

흙수저 대학생 이한별, 어느 날 눈을 뜨니 하드코어한 빙의 라이프가 기다리고 있다!

교통사고 후 정신을 차리니 자신은 펠리페 왕국의 공주, ‘알렉사’로 빙의되어 있었다.

하지만 알렉사의 정체는 평범한 사람이 아닌 털북숭이 야수였는데….

야수에서 벗어나고자 노력하고,

베일에 싸인 왕국의 대공, 벨켈론과 가까워지고,

자신을 견제하는 가족들과 귀족 무리에게 복수하기까지.

새로 태어난 펠리페 왕국의 공주, 알렉사의 코믹한 복수 성장기!

“Am I really… a beast?”

Lee Hanbyul, a university student born with only a dirt spoon in her mouth, opens her eyes to a hardcore transmigration life!

After meeting her tragic end in a car accident, she wakes up in the body of “Alexa,” the second princess of the kingdom of Felipe. However, she doesn’t look like a normal person, but like a furry beast…

Not only does she have to juggle getting rid of her beastly appearance with getting close to Verkyllon, the Grand Duke of the Veiled Kingdom, but she also has to keep the families and nobility that are after her for revenge in check.

This is a comical story about Alexa, the second princess of the kingdom of Felipe’s relentless pursuit of revenge.

Rating 0 / 5
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