Jiisama ga Iku
Jiisama ga Iku

Jiisama ga Iku

An Oldman in Counterworld, じい様が行く, 爷爷去了异世界
Genres: Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Shounen Status: Ongoing Released: Unknown Author: Hotaruishi Type: Manga Serialization: Unknown Updated On:

かわいい孫を守って強盗に刺された朝尾晴太郎さん(73歳 茶園経営)は「神」のうっかりで異世界に呼ばれてしまう。孫の身代わりを引き受けてセイタロウさん(63歳)として過ごしはじめた第二の人生は、どうにも初手から波乱ぶくみ。それでも人生万事塞翁が馬、年の功と「神」の御加護でゆるりゆるりと乗り切っていきます。

The story centers on 73-year-old Seitarō Asao, who runs a tea plantation. Due to a god’s mistake, he gets transported to another world in the place of his grandchild. He then starts a second life 10 years younger as 63-year-old Seitarō. Through is wisdom of an old man and “assistance magic,” he is able to live a leisurely life in his new home.

Rating 4.00 / 5
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